Uniform Patrol Division


Matthew B. Treglia

Allen County Sheriff

Uniform Patrol Division

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division provides law enforcement services to an estimated 109,000 residents in Allen County as well as several villages in the county. The Uniform Patrol Division also provides support to the other villages and cities in the county that have their own law enforcement agencies such as:

  • The Lima Police Department
  • The Delphos Police Department
  • The Elida Police Department
  • The Spencerville Police Department
  • The Marion Township Police Department
  • The American Township Police Department
  • The Shawnee Township Police Department
  • The Perry Township Police Department
  • The Bluffton Police Department

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office also provides law enforcement services to Bath Township, who contracts with the Sheriff’s Office for full time law enforcement coverage, by assigning Deputies to patrol Bath Township.

The Patrol Division Deputies are assigned to one of three shifts and are primary responders to calls for services. The Patrol Division is the backbone of the Sheriff’s Office and comprises the majority of all sworn personnel.

Some of the functions of the the Patrol Division include:

  • The Investigation of Criminal Offenses
  • Crime Prevention
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Service of Civil Process

Twenty four hours per day, deputies patrol the 410 square miles in Allen County. The patrol division includes 3 Lieutenants, 6 Sergeants, and 41 Deputies.

Allen County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Division

The Allen County Sheriff’s Canine Corps was first started in 1972, under the direction of Sheriff Edward L. Fair.

Three first three Deputies assigned to the Allen County K-9 Corp were Cpl. Daniel N. Protsman, Dep. Dennis Briggs, and Dep. Harold Davenport. These Officers were assigned to receive training in Ft. Wayne Indiana, where after completion, the three handlers and three canines were certified as police K-9’s.

Numerous K-9 Teams from throughout the United States have competed in the US Police Canine Association National Trials, earning national top honors.

Many Deputies in the past few decades that the Sheriff’s Office K-9 has been established, have spent countless hours training and handling these animals.

Allen County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team

The current Allen County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team was Formed in the Spring of 1989 by Sheriff Charles W. Harrod, and consisted of five members. Since that time, the team has grown to approximately sixteen members, two of which are certified medical doctors who are also trained in tactical trauma injuries.

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team has received Training from the Ohio State University SWAT Team, members of the Columbus Police Department Special Weapons and Tactical Team, the Ohio State Peace Officers Training Academy in London Ohio, and Tactical Defense Institute.

The Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team trains for responses in hostage rescue, high risk warrant service, barricaded suspects, and drug warrant service.

The current Sheriff Matthew Treglia, is a firm believer in providing service for those that need it; therefore other agencies throughout the State of Ohio have utilized the services of the Allen County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, to assist them in high risk incidences.

Allen County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team was Initially form in 1985, under Sheriff Charles W. Harrod. It is comprised of eight Deputy Sheriff’s and supports Rescue and recovery efforts.

This Team will respond to calls for assistance from any safety service agency in Northwest Ohio. Most of the calls that this Team responds to is recovery efforts, where critical pieces of evidence have been hidden in bodies of water. This Team has been trained in light salvage techniques, which allows the recovery of vehicles and boats.

As public safety divers each meet and exceeds the requirements set by the National Association of Police Divers.

Not unlike the mission of the Allen County Sheriff’s Office, the Dive Team’s goal is to saves lives, and protect property.


The Allen County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Posse was formed as a non-profit organization in 1963 under Sheriff Clay T. Cotterman. The purpose of the Mounted Posse is to render volunteer assistance to the Sheriff of Allen County, and to make available trained staffing to the Allen County Sheriff’s Office, to provide a horse or motorcycle posse for security purposes, parades, exhibitions and other such uses that the Sheriff may require. The current commander of this unit is Captain Jim Clementz. All mounted deputies have completed the required Training as Police Officers, through the Ohio Peace Officer’s training Academy, and are in good standing with the Allen County Sheriff’s Office. The Deputies train their horses on a regular basis. This training teaches the horse to work closely together and help de-sensitize them to handle any situation that may arise.

The Deputies and their mounts attend annual training sessions to receive Ohio State Training Certification.

The Mounted Deputies are financially responsible for the purchase and up keep on their own equipment, horse, tack, vehicle and trailer.Also, this Division includes several pieces of motorcycle equipment. These motorcycles are personally owned and it is the Deputies responsibility for their maintenance.

These officers are mostly seen by the public during funeral processions but also provide escort security during VIP visits and traffic control services during functions held throughout Allen County.

Honor Guard

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard unit is comprised of Deputies and Correction Officers.  Officers from other outlying county law enforcement agencies are also invited to train and participate with the Honor Guard.  The Honor Guard is given the honor and responsibility of providing official Sheriff’s Office representation at funeral services for members of the surrounding law enforcement community who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of their duties.  They also participate in the funerals of active and retired Sheriff’s Office personnel and other members of the law enforcement community.  In addition, they represent the Sheriff’s Office during parades and all other official functions as designated by the Sheriff.  At least two (2) members of the Honor Guard may attend out-of-county funerals involving line-of-duty deaths.

Some of the duties that the members may be required to coordinate during a memorial or funeral service include posting at the casket of the deceased, pallbearers, escorting the casket, folding the flag that was draped over the casket, as a Color Guard and a firing detail.

The Honor Guard performs as the color Guard for parades and official functions.  The unit usually carries the United States Flag and the Ohio State Flag.  Two (2) rifle bearing Deputies flank the flag bearers.  Annually, the Honor Guard joins the Lima Police Department Honor Guard as a combined unit during the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #21 Police memorial Service during their National Police Memorial Week service.

All Deputies are assigned to the Honor Guard as part of their probation period to learn the drill and ceremonies of military functions.  After probation, those interested may volunteer to be a permanent part of the unit.  The commander and coordinators have selected the permanent members.  Deputies requesting to be a member of the unit must be willing to commit to attend all ceremonial functions requested of them and the mandatory training sessions.  The Deputies must demonstrate an ability to perform or learn military movements and marching techniques.  Honor Guard members are familiar with military drills that require the shouldering of a rifle and firing of the 21 gun salute.

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