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Drug Abuse Resistance Education – D.A.R.E. Program

This year, across the county, more than 25 million children will benefit from DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).  Deputies from the Allen County Sheriff’s Office have taught the DARE program since 1991.

Currently, the Allen County Sheriff’s Office provides five (5) different instructional programs from pre-Kindergarten through Seventh Grade.  These Offices bring their experience and commitment into the classroom, instructing children in the ways to resist peer pressure and to live productive drug and violence-free lives.  The Officers are proud to present these high quality educational programs to the children of Allen County.


The Sheriff’s Victim Advocate program provides comprehensive services to those affected by traumatic or violent criminal acts including survivors, witnesses and family members.  Emotional recovery largely depends on the support that victims receive.  Victim Advocates provide support, resources and an understanding of the process of victimization and trauma recovery.

Being part of the Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Section affords Victim Advocates a unique opportunity to have immediate contact with victims.  Investigators of traumatic and violent crimes can access a Victim Advocate 24 hours a day.  Victim Advocates may respond directly to an incident scene or to a medical care facility to provide support or coordinate other resources and referrals as appropriate.


  • To lessen the trauma suffered by victims and their families
  • To increase resources available to crime survivors and co-survivors
  • To increase public awareness of the impact of crime on survivors and the community
  • To bind survivors and co-survivors more closely to the justice system and to improve the administration of justice
  • To make the community, legislature and justice system aware of the needs and rights of crime survivors and co-survivors.


  • Around-the-clock response to Officer requests for intervention and assistance in cases of victim trauma
  • Emotional support and crisis intervention
  • Transportation, court advocacy and support during all stages of the justice process
  • Referrals to appropriate social service agencies as necessary
  • Assistance when applying for Crime Victims compensation
  • Presentation to community groups regarding victim awareness and rights
  • Transportation and assistance accessing food pantries and temporary shelter


Family Violence Unit

As part of the Family Violence Unit, Advocates review all domestic violence reports and contact all victims by telephone, letter or home visit.  This follow-up ensures that all domestic violence victims receive information regarding victim’s rights, protection orders, domestic violence, safety planning and referral information.  Victims Advocates also inform domestic violence victims about the judicial process and offer transportation and accompaniment to court.

Alzheimer’s Disease ID

This program is for persons diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease who may be at risk of becoming lost and disoriented.  It allows family members to register their loved one on a database that includes a digital imaging system.  This system provides the capability to print missing person posters for distribution to the media and community, if necessary.  The database can include a photograph, personal identification information and information about how to contact family members and physicians.

Senior Visitation Program

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office has established this program to help the growing elderly population of Allen County help themselves and live a more independent lifestyle.

This program was initiated by the Allen County Sheriff’s Office to assist those who may not have family members living close to them who want to remain on their own.  It has and will continue to remain a powerful tool for those who subscribe.

Scheduling Monthly Visits

Individuals falling under the program guidelines can stop in or call the Allen County Sheriff’s at 419 993-1400 or contact Rhonda Montgomery at

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