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Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) is an education program that seeks to prevent use of controlled drugs, membership in gangs, and violent behavior.

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Allen County (OH) Sheriff's Office
Allen County (OH) Sheriff's Office
Members of our SWAT Team and Corrections Officers competed in the United Way of Greater Lima's 2019 Dodge for Dollars Tournament on Saturday... AND THEY WON! SWAT took first place and Corrections took second place! 🏆🥇🥈 WAY TO GO! Thanks for supporting United Way of Greater Lima! #dodgeballchamps #UnitedWay #LiveUnited
Allen County (OH) Sheriff's Office
Allen County (OH) Sheriff's Office
Thank you for all you do, Dispatchers!

Join us this week in thanking and celebrating our dispatchers!💛

#NationalDispatchersWeek #NationalPublicSafetyTelecommunicatorsWeek #ThankYouDispatchers
Allen County (OH) Sheriff's Office
Allen County (OH) Sheriff's Office
Officer Steve Smith was a remarkable man. Our SWAT team trained with him for a week in 2015. Our officers gained a lot of knowledge from him and think very highly of him.

RIP Officer Smith.
Allen County (OH) Sheriff's Office
Allen County (OH) Sheriff's Office
Last week we received this message and picture:

“On Saturday, March 30 my son and I attended the disabilities fair at Union Chapel road. You all had a safety booth there and the officer manning the booth took the time to make this day extra special for my son. My son is 7 (and a half, he’ll tell you) and is also autistic. There is not a specific look for autism contrary to the overwhelming comments we receive “but he doesn’t look autistic”... The officer (and I didn’t get his name) asked my son if he wanted a badge [sticker] and Donny politely declined. He told the officer that he couldn’t have it unless he earned it. Your officer swore him in and presented him with the badge. He hasn’t stopped telling this story. I just want to thank you and this officer for taking a moment to realize that his “no thank you” was more than a denial of a sticker. Many times people with autism need to be asked follow up questions because they are quite literal. They will only answer the immediate question, ex: “Do you want a sticker?” Getting to the root of an answer requires a series of questions, with at least 6 seconds in between each question so that they can process what was asked. Thank you for hiring and training such a wonderful officer. On this first day of Autism Awareness month, I just wanted to let you all know that you certainly made one young man feel heard, seen, and worthy of a sticker.”
Because of his Asperger’s Syndrome, Donny was communicating through his Registered Behavior Technician, Erin. When Deputy Hanjora saw Erin and Donny communicating, he stepped right in and swore-in Donny so he could “earn” his badge.”

Thank you, Deputy Hanjora! You made Deputy Donny’s day!

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