The Sheriff Sales Section is charged with the responsibility of:

• Real Estate Foreclosure and Tax Sales

The Sheriff Sale Section is charged with the responsibility of appraising, advertising and selling foreclosure properties. This sale can be court ordered for either a bank foreclosure or a tax delinquency. After the sale, if necessary, this section will also enforce a Writ of Possession.

Sheriff’s Foreclosure and Tax Sales are held at the Allen County Courthouse, 301 N. Main St., Lima, Ohio, on the 2nd floor lobby of Courthouse. The sales begin promptly at 11:00 on Wednesdays.

Sales are advertised in Sunday’s addition of The Lima News classified section (  The ads run once per week for a minimum of three consecutive weeks prior to the date of sale.

The Sheriff’s Office does not mail a list of properties or information about purchasing foreclosed property.

The property is NOT available for tour or inspection. The buyer gets the property “as is,” caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). The Sheriff’s Office does NOT have information on liens or taxes.  It is the responsibility of the prospective purchaser to research additional liens, taxes, assessments, and costs associated with the property.

· Property description can be found on the Allen County Auditor’s website,

· Real estate tax information can be found by phoning the Allen County Treasurer’s Office, 419-228-3700

Properties receiving NO BID at first sale:

2329.52 (B) When residential property is ordered to be sold and is ordered to be held at a physical location and not online and the property remains UNSOLD after the first auction:

A second Auction shall be held and the property shall be sold to the highest bidder for no minimum Bid,  BUT subject to (2329.21) relating to costs, allowance and real state taxes.  The second auction shall be held not earlier than 7 days and no later than 30 days after the initial sale.  If the property remains unsold after 2 auctions it MAY be subsequently offered for sale without regard to the minimum bid requirements in 2329.20, or disposed of in any other manner in accordance with provisions of the revised code.

Terms of Sale:

Plaintiff Purchases Requirements:

  • First Lien Holder

  • Second/ Third Lien Holder

  • Purchaser Information Form (must be collected by the sheriff at time of sale)

    2329.211 in every action, Judicial Sale or Execution of residential property if the judgment Creditor is the purchaser they shall not be required to make a deposit on the sale. 

     Third Party Purchases requirements: 

    Drivers License or State ID  

    All third party purchasers shall make deposit as follows: If the appraised value of the property is:

  • Up to $9,999.00= Deposit of $2,000                                                    

  • $10,000.00  to  $200,000.00 = Deposit of $5,000                            

  • greater than $200,000.00  = Deposit of $10,000       




    The balance of the purchase price is due and payable upon confirmation of sale. All payments are payable in cash, certified check or money order.  

    • Any balance of proceeds not paid within 30 days of the confirmation of sale may cause the purchaser to be held in contempt of court and forfeit their deposit. Additional sanctions may be imposed at the court’s discretion.

    Real Estate taxes paid from the proceeds of the sale are prorated to the date of sale.  Taxes after sale date will become the new deed holder’s responsibility.  You may be responsible for some assessments that are not yet part of the tax bill and you will be responsible for any water and/or sewer bills attached to the property.

    • The successful bidder must present a Purchaser Information Form along with proper identification at the time their bid is accepted by the officer in charge of the sale. Purchaser Information Forms can be printed off the website section “Sale Forms”.  If you are unable to print off the form the Sheriff’s Clerk will have a form for you.

    All property sold at Sheriff’s sale is sold on an “AS IS” basis and there is no warranty or guarantee. The Allen County Sheriff’s Office makes no representations regarding whether utility bills are paid, or whether the property is free of liens.

    The Allen County Sheriff’s Office and the appraisers make no representations, assume no responsibility and are not liable, for any condition of the property including any environmental or hazardous conditions that may exist within, under, around or near the subject property. The appraisal may or may not have been an inside inspection of the property.

    All Sales Are Classified as “CAVEAT EMPTOR” (buyer beware)

    Individuals who are attending a Sheriff’s sale for the first time with the intent to purchase a property are advised to proceed with extreme caution. The law in Ohio relative to real estate is “caveat emptor” which means “buyer beware”. It is expected that all purchasers at the sale have contacted their own real estate attorney and title company prior to the sale.


    Note: Property still belongs to the original owner even though the order of sale has been issued from the court. If you purchase a property at sheriff’s sale, and have paid your deposit, it still belongs to the original owner until the Common Pleas Judge has signed the confirmation of sale. This process can take up to 30 days or more. This is hard for people to understand, and can be very risky in terms of money and other concerns. If you have any questions regarding this, you should consult your personal attorney before any real estate purchase from a sheriff sale. We cannot advise you of any legal questions you may have.

    The successful bidder for the purchase of the real estate being sold will have approximately 30 days from the date of sale to obtain an examination of title to the real estate at their expense, if they desire one. Should such examination disclose the title to be unmarketable by reason of any defect in the court proceedings or the existence of any outstanding interest rendering the title unmarketable, the purchaser may, within the 30 day period, file a written motion requesting that the sale be set aside. If the court finds that the title is unmarketable, the court will refuse to confirm the sale or fix a reasonable time, not to exceed 90 days, within which the defect of title may be corrected.

    Any questions about the utilities should be directed to the company or the municipality that provides the service.


    The Judgment Creditor in the action may submit a remote bid to the Sheriff’s Office via Overnight Delivery, Courier,  Email: or fax:  419-222-6323,  delivered to the Sheriff’s Office Civil Division prior to 3:30 pm the BUSINESS day before the sale.

  • The Sheriff shall confirm receipt via email to the Judgment Creditor who entered the bid. That bid shall be placed by the Sheriff at the time of sale on their behalf.


  • Sheriff shall provide notice of the results not later than the close of the business day on the date of sale to all who submitted remote bids; via email or posting on a public website.


  • If the bid is not made on the Judgment Creditor or Lien holders behalf, they can file a motion to vacate the sale within 10 days after the sale date.

    The REMOTE BIDDERS will have to provide their Purchaser Information Form when they email or fax in their BID.***