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We have recently had a statewide test of the county's emergency sirens to test the Statewide emergency notification system.  This is in preparedness of the upcoming tornado season.  We do this to plan ahead and test out systems for the notification of the citizens in Lima, and Allen County of severe weather such as tornadoes moving into our geographical area. 

We would like to take this opportunity to also remind you that you and your family should have an emergency plan in place, and practice that plan.  I have included a link below to help you review some information on how this can be accomplished.  Just double click on the tornado image.

Sheriff Matthew B. Treglia


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04/22/09 - Mortgage Modification Scam Avoidance

7/12/10 Multiple county cooperation captures possible subject involved in Aggravated Robberies and Home Invasions

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      Ohio's Concealed Carry Area Juvenile Curfew
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